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Wrap a website with a Webextension

I've tried to wrap any website into my own interface for the last couple of days, and that revealed itself to be a very painful experience. Actually I haven't managed to get it working as well as I wanted. So I want to describe all things that I tried in …

Tips to optimize django SQL queries

When you first start with Django you will probably find the ORM to be an amazing feature. I agree with that, but the issue with ORMs is that it is too easy to forget that at the end the ORM generate SQL queries.

Django has no way to optimize those …

Learn to code, where to start ?

You have seen that more and more companies are looking for developpers and developpers are able to create websites, applications, tools, automation softwares but you never understood how to do all that by yourself, or you maybe didnt have the motivation to start learning, this article is here to help …