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Product Market Fit doesn't exists in B2B Enterprise

Before a startup reaches Product Market Fit (PMF), the company is struggling to sell his product in a scalable way. When a startup has found PMF then, selling becomes much easier, because the product fulfills most of customer needs. Seeds VC explains that the goal of a startup that is …

Notion is not a knowledge base


What is Notion

For those of you who don't know Notion, it is a note taking app. Well it used to be a note taking app. They describe themselves as the 'All-in-one workspace'. I usually describe themselves as 'Google drive with pretty emojis'. Which is I don't think far from …

How to make sure to fail your startup

Ignorance is thinking that you know something that you don't know. My opinion is that being an ignorant is not really an advantage in most situations. And I bet that a lot of people who fail at building a company are like that.

One issue with people who are ignorant …