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Product Market Fit doesn't exists in B2B Enterprise

Before a startup reaches Product Market Fit (PMF), the company is struggling to sell his product in a scalable way. When a startup has found PMF then, selling becomes much easier, because the product fulfills most of customer needs. Seeds VC explains that the goal of a startup that is just created is to do anything to find its PMF so that when it is found they can raise a Series A and scale commercially.

But what happens when the startup we are talking about is a B2B Enterprise startup ? How can you find a fit between a product and a market when the market doesn't really care about the actual product ?

Over all the B2B Enterprise startups I've worked at, and some of them are multi-billion valued companies I've not seen PMF being reached. Meaning I've never seen the state where customers feel like the product really fulfills their needs. Which is not surprising when you know how B2B Enterprise software is sold (and bought). But I've seen all those companies reach a Sales Market Fit or as others call it a Go-To-Market Fit. This state has nothing to do with the product but everything to do with having a company vision, a sales playbook that gives a predictable growth engine (eg. I know that X more salespeople will give me Y more revenue). And this is a state that B2C and B2B SMB startups also need to find in order to really grow their business (Which is more Marketing based than Sales based).

It is true that VCs don't like B2B Enterprise Saas very much. This is because success in B2B enterprise can't happen overnight and can't happen without an army of sales people. For example it is unlikely to become a billionaire as a result of founding a successful B2B Enterprise startup. The consequence of that is that as a VC a B2B Enterprise startup is usually not the company that will return your fund. And the other consequence of that is that VC don't talk to much about that type of startup when they post articles. That's why you will usually only hear about PMF