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France, UE, covid, democracry and the research of complete stupidity

Everything about France work system can be understood reading one sentence : In France it is legally impossible to fire an employee who doesn't want to leave.

This is something I've never understood, how can we think that an employee possesses his job ? An employee is working for a salary and benefits, that's all, the rest belongs to the company, which belongs to its investors.

France is a touristic country which doesn't grow anymore. It is not doing worst than neighbour countries but this can't be an excuse. The youngest company of the CAC40 (40 biggest companies in france) was founded in 1967. Building a company there is tough, there are a lot of taxes (paying an 1$ to an employee requires the company to pay one other dollar to the government). The work system is outdated, people can't be fired, the work legislation is more complex (3000 pages) than building a fusion reactor. Founders are limited and will either try to sell their company as soon as it is a bit successfull or move their headquarter in the US. The EU is not a unified market, every country has its own legislation, culture, language, ... And at the end if you are successfull there will be millions of people try to explain to you that you should not be rich.

But the problem is not only the system, the people are also the problem (the system is the people and the people are the system I know). France political system is an oligarchy hidden behind that everyone can vote. But a country can't be smarter than its own population. France as a country doesn't have any goal, people are living in the country complaining all the time about everything, there is no wish to progress or to help people, the only goal is to preserve its own privilege. Rich people make friends with politic people to preserve their advantages, poor people try to work less, profit from employment benefits and complain about everything else. People in the middle live together and use their money to balance the failing of the {school,retiring} systems. As a result the whole system is stuck.

Our school system is shit, it is designed for already priviledged students to be successfull and for poor people to fail. Because, of course it is easier to educate already educated people and tell to others that it is their fault if they do not succeed. Our retiring system is complete garbage, nobody understand how 25M people working can pay for 14M people not working, and for french people it is normal to retire at 62 years old, this is normal because it has always been like that, so why change ? But thanks to debt our country is not fucked. It is always easier to borrow money than to earn it so why bother ?

Our 'democracies' are not working, you can't accept that all opinions are equals, you would not choose your CEO by making everyone in the company vote. The covid crisis is a good example showing that a democracy can't handle important crisi. Everyone has become an epidemiologist, anyone knows what is a good traitment, anyone knows how to protect himself, anyone is able to read a scientific study and make its own conclusion. The more follower you have the smarter epidemiologist you are. China suggested to do a lockdown, well lets do a lockdown, some tv host suggested that we wear mask ? Well lets wear mask. Masks doesn't prevent the virus to spread ? then lets make the mask mandatory, student are going to be in class touching each other, exchanging pens and papers ? well let's take the most stupid decision ever and madate them to wear a mask? When everyone has an opinion and this opinion has to be taken seriously the opinion of no one has any value. Democracy seems to be the worst politic system when you want to achieve best performance.

We are trying to reach the maximum level of stupidity and everybody seems to be fine with it.

How to fix that ?

On the short term this is impossible, you can't change the mentality of people in the short term, you can't educate greater than 25 years old people, you can't change the work system in a few years. The only thing that can save us is education. Educate your children, force them to go to school to do their homework, tell them that they will be able to become software engineers if they study and start working with a better salary than 90% of the population. Vote for people who care about education, and vote for people who will try to improve education of unpriviledege people, the smarter 'the most stupid' people are, the smarter the country is going to be. Don't vote for a president, this is useless, they are all the same and complete garbage, the system is not designed for a competent person to be elected. Fortunately climate change is coming and is going to kill most of the population, that way the few people who will be there (if any ) to rebuilt the world will be able to make better foundations. If you want to live a pleasant life, ignore the rules, the laws, the governements and focus on doing good around you, educate your children, help the cleaning lady, dont give your money to your children when you die, give it to charity, dont take any time caring about politics dont go voting for someone linked to a party, vote for motivated people who wants to make things change.... Try to think with your brain and stop listening to what media tell you

Not everything is bad, look at the US and appreciate how lucky we are